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Mad To Be Normal is the story of controversial Scottish psychiatrist, R.D. Laing and the infamous anti-psychiatry experiment he ran at Kingsley Hall- a medication-free sanctuary which made headlines around the world. This Premiere, best of all, will host a panel of friends of R.D. Laing; people who lived in the houses started by Laing, worked with him, and knew him intimately.
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Mad To Be Normal West Coast Premiere

The West Coast Premiere of Mad To Be Normal will show at the Gunn Theater at the Legion of Honor museum on February 4th. Mad To Be Normal is a dramatic biopic about the life and work of R.D. Laing. The most famous and controversial psychiatrist in the 1970’s, Laing was the first to start a non-treatment based community for people considered schizophrenic. These communities, first Kingsley Hall and later Portland Road and others, believed in living with one another without use of authority or “treatment”, at least any of the traditional sort. R.D. Laing wrote that treatment, rather than being something we do to another in order to change them, ought to be thought of as the “way we ‘treat’ one another.” Mad To Be Normal provides a vivid picture of R.D. Laing’s radical contributions to and daring departures from mainstream psychiatry.

Mad To Be Normal The West Coast Premiere will show the complexity of R.D. Laing as a person. It will depict the incredible violence that psychiatry often condones in the name of “treatment” and beg the question, “is pharmaceutical treatment today any different?” What, if anything has changed in terms of how we relate to those we deem “insane?” Most importantly, the movie asks us to consider how far we are willing to go to provide respite for those suffering most among us. Shall we incarcerate and sedate each other, or will we brave our uncertainties as R.D. Laing did?

Mad To Be Normal The West Coast Premiere has gathered a group of friends of R.D. Laing, Fritjof Capra, Michael Guy Thompson, and Nita Gage, will participate in a panel discussion to clarify the finer points of the movie, supplement the dramatic portrayal with personal accounts, and answer audience questions. Mad To Be Normal stars David Tennant, Elisabeth Moss, Gabriel Byrne, and Michael Gambon. Tickets for the West Coast Premiere at Gunn Theater of the Legion of Honor are on sale now for 25$ at

All proceeds from Mad To Be Normal The West Coast Premiere go to Gnosis Retreat Center, a project inspired by the legacy of R.D. Laing and supports services for people with altered experiences of reality.

Mad To Be Normal The West Coast Premiere in San Francisco
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